J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

Sharebear/Birdie Dance

Posted in Birdie Dance, dancedancedance, Funsies, love, music, sharebear, video, youtube by Jessica on September 22, 2009

“disco dance with you (remix)”- Teki Latex f/ Spank Rock & Amanda Blank

“Teki Latex, lead lothario of French electro-rap crew TTC and sonic proprietor of Institubes and Sound Pellegrino. Armed with a mission to “be innovative in this world of Elves dressed like The Strokes,” Teki tends towards ATL-gone-sci-fi, blending Ralph Lauren, Nikes, golf caps and edgier, textured embellishments—the odd Sixpack scarf or knitted socks from Henrik Vibskov. Our current favorite is a look he titles “Major Blazer,” a combo of cardinal blue deck shoes and tailored Lauren blazer flossed with a black silk Roc Star square as a shawl. It’s not stuffy prep so much as “classy in the club,” perfect for transitioning from daytime on Harvard yard to a nighttime rave on a boat.”

-via Fader

This song totally makes me want to dance my ass off. Even now, although I’m a sick puppy complete with swollen eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose, pounding headache, and a fever, to top it off.
But this brightens up my day.
And of course it helps that Spank & Amanda are in this remix.

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