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I just don’t get it.

Posted in Haterade, music, silly, WTF? by Jessica on October 8, 2009

For a very, very, VERY long time now I’ve been wondering… why the fuck are people obsessed with Lil Wayne?

I don’t understand it.
There are a butt load of girls who think he is hot. His face actually makes me want to vomit. He looks like a muppet. Animal, remember him? That’s who he looks like.
Ok, ok, there’s like 2 songs that I don’t mind… but they’re older, before he got huge.
I don’t get it. He is not intelligent, his lyrics aren’t intelligent, he sounds like he’s eaten 10 oxycontin, I DON’T GET IT.
hahaha, sorry I’m hating, but it really just baffles me.
But, he must be doing something right to be this famous.
Shame on everyone for giving him so much fame lol.

/end rant

sorry about that.
don’t take offense, this is just my opinion… as I’m sure I listen to music that many of you don’t enjoy lol

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  1. daniel said, on October 20, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    hahaha i don’t understand either its bc his style and how he carries himself.. i think hes retarded looking… as in lyrics wtf is this little guy saying i mean i understand some stuff but to be completely honest most of the time i have no idea about what he’s saying… i guess he thinks its cool and yea a lot of people as well.. he will fall off.. maybe… but yea keep doing what your doing i guess.

  2. brandi said, on October 23, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    man quit hating on lil wayne!!!!!

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