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bee oh oh tee ay why

i keep listening to this today, for some reason… so here:

Sharebear: Yuksek!

Totally in love with this dude, Yuksek.
I might be a little late on this, but whatevs.
Haling from Reims, France, Yuksek has crafted some dirty ass remixes of songs og by Mika, The Kaiser Chefs, and Ghostface Killah. His new album, “Away From the Sea” features the love of my life, Amanda Blank, on the track “Extra Ball”. His other tracks are equally wonderful, and totally dance worthy!

below is the link to the actual video, since i cant find any sites to embed it in here. 😦

Extraball- Yuksek

YUKSEK | MySpace Music Videos

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Sweatheart Sweats

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my workout regimen

some spank and blank

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so in love

with my Amanda Blank!

Yuksek from ideenight on Vimeo.


here are some of my favorite videos from my youtube page.

yes, i am a reeree and i’m not opposed to showing it.


“Hold the Line” – major lazer f/ santigold & mr. lexx

i always thought this was funny.
Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, & Benny Blanco counting down the top 10 songs to do it to… then a clip of a live set. Miss Blank kills it as always. (opens in new tab, but seriously peep it)
Bangers & Cash Top 10 Songs To Do It To

adore Amanda

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“Might Like You Better” – Amanda Blank

i just love her so.

Amanda Blank: I Love You

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“You may remember Amanda Blank from Bangers and Cash’s “Loose” video, where she sat on a toilet slinging expletives at naked girls. This Philly rapper’s got a mouth your mother could love — if your mom was Lil’ Kim. “Tryin’-a get up in my pussy and smash … I’m Beyoncé, independent woman, handle that!” she brags on “Let Me Get Some,” a booming highlight on her debut. Other tracks run tamer: blank machine-gun one-liners about makeup and true love over New Wave club beats by Diplo and Switch. But on an album where she’s surrounded by dudes (including her pal Spank Rock), she makes being ladylike sound hardcore. “I can’t be the man you need me to,” she admits. Thank God for that.”
-via Rolling Stone

I absolutely adore this broad. She’s fine as hell and raps, sings, dances, she does it all! her style is out of control. check out her band Sweatheart, as well. You can find them on myspace, but i don’t mess with that anymore.

Here’s a video i took at her show, a month or two ago:

ugh, she’s so bangin.
grab her new album, immediately.