J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

current loves

Two-Toned hair (via The Lipstick Diaries)

Jeffrey Campbell boots

Yuksek!!!! (peep his music)

Apollonia Kotero’s wardrobe in Purple Rain

Yellow Tail Wine


Tacky vintage sweaters (preferably 80s)

Olivia Thirlby

Rodarte for Target

Japanese Street Fashion!

Sharebear: Yuksek!

Totally in love with this dude, Yuksek.
I might be a little late on this, but whatevs.
Haling from Reims, France, Yuksek has crafted some dirty ass remixes of songs og by Mika, The Kaiser Chefs, and Ghostface Killah. His new album, “Away From the Sea” features the love of my life, Amanda Blank, on the track “Extra Ball”. His other tracks are equally wonderful, and totally dance worthy!

below is the link to the actual video, since i cant find any sites to embed it in here. 😦

Extraball- Yuksek

YUKSEK | MySpace Music Videos

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can i have this wallpaper in my room, please?

via WTHellz

Art x Karmaloop x Wishlist

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By now, everyone knows that my favorite site to shop at is Karmaloop. I’m always promoting the shit out of it and I’ve been shopping there for like 7 years. It definitely will always be my favorite store. I’m even a karmaloop rep now, which means I have my own special code that anyone can use for a 20% discount. Use my rep code at checkout: JN31115

Anyway, now Karmaloop is selling some really dope art and toys by Lot F Gallery.
This stuff is so ill though.
check them out, for sure.
here are my favorites:

and of course, here’s another wish list.

The Carry Boot by Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

The Fission Fiction Jacket by Burger And Friends

The Dunaway Jacket by Obey

The Raggedy Anne Dress by Insight

The Cleo Stud Vest by *NYC Boutique

The Halter Belt Dress by Tripp NYC

The Lock Down 3/4 Sleeve Tunic by Hellz Bellz

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Lady Love: Katherine Connolly


Meet Kat!
She’s one of my closest friends ever. She’s really an amazing person, and amazingly talented. Her art is wonderful. I adore her photography, so I thought I’d post some of my favorites that she’s taken.


and there will be more where that came from.

happy scream

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Here is a sneak peak of Fafi’s Comic Book!!!! via her blog

how cutie?!
i want. i want. i want. i want.

Touch me!

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Ugh, Rafe Spall. This dude is capital B, Banging! I adore him. He can SO get it. Plus, he has an english accent, which automatically gives you 48957489328 cool points. I need to go visit my cousin in London (she’s currently attending Oxford… lucky ass broad), and stalk the shit out of him. Or I at least need to date his identical twin. Peep him in Hot Fuzz, Green Street Hooligans, and he has a bit part in Shaun of the Dead (he was a little fatty in that one, but i still love him). He’s definitely one of the few people who would make me star-struck. he’s a fine man. yum.

(mm lookin all dapper)

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Hellz x Reebok

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As Hellz continues to grow in the fashion industry, collaborating with some of the industries biggest moguls Hellz is extremely proud to present the Hellz x Reebok collaboration shoe, dropping Friday, November 27th.

This highly anticipated model features a fold-down flap which Hellz has utilized as a focal point with pixelated images on a clean black perforated leather upper. It comes with optional shoe string colors (black and neon yellow), stud detailing and a punk rock attitude to go along with it. Creating a bond between the women’s brand and one of the sneaker world’s timeless leaders has become a stepping stone for Hellz to branch off into footwear.
Although there is such a high demand for the collaboration, the shoe will only be available to the public at select retailers, as well as the Hellz soon-to-drop online shop. If purchased through the Hellz online shop, customers will receive a special gift.

Hellz is widely known for providing style savvy women with unique attire, and enthralling collaborations. The Hellz x Reebok shoe, being one, is sure to not disappoint; creating a much more enticing reason to wait for Black Friday.
~via http://www.whatthehellz.com


these are too sexy!


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So, I really despise wearing watches. I just think they’re obnoxious and get in the way, but I pretty much need this:

I wish it was in purple though.

Available at Extra Butter!

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purple diamonds & red roses

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Last night Carissa, Shamsa, Marielle, and I went to Nat’s Tattoo in Islip to pay a visit to tattoo artist, Edwin. I’ve been itching for tattoo work for so long. Carissa got her first tattoo. Shamsa and I basically forced her into it. It came out so nice! She got a rose with purple designs all around it. Sounds pretty simple, but it seriously looks so good! I don’t have a picture of it yet, but I’ll edit this when I do. I opted for a purple diamond on the middle finger of my right hand. It’s basically a “fuck you to marriage”, since it’s on my right hand’s middle finger. I’m obsessed with it and I can’t stop looking at it. And for such a small, simple tattoo, it came out fucking dope!
I cannot stress enough how amazing Edwin’s work is. Get over to Nat’s Tattoo.

Carissa is shy

my new, wittle tattoolie. you can’t tell it’s purple bc of the lighting.

A&D is grossies.

Also, Nat’s Tattoo is doing an amazing special until December 27th. Take advantage.

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Tattoo Points

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So, I think that everyone under the sun should go and get tattooed by my dude Edwin (aka Tyler) over at Nat’s tattoos. Hands down, he’s done some of the most amazing tattoo work that I’ve ever seen. Word is Bond (hahaha). Seriously though, I’m about to post a few pictures of his work and I dare you to tell me that he is not insanely talented. He definitely will be my tattoo artist from now on (as well as my Kyley).

do work:

I mean, how sick is his detail work? so serious.

See him at:
Nat’s Tattoo
177 Islip Ave
Islip, NY
631-650-1980 (ask for Edwin)

(master at work)

tell him Jess sent you.

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The Lipstick Diaries posted this on their blog, but it wasn’t a hit for them.
I’m sorry ladies, but I have to disagree. I adore this and i would so rock it. but then again, i rock a lot of things that people think are ugly. ha.

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Weekend & Random

This weekend was a fun one. On Friday, was our Friday the 13th party at Monty’s house. The theme was supposed to be villains & victims, but not many people dressed up. I went all out, since I missed Halloween. I dressed up as a dead Fafinette (french graffiti artist, Fafi’s creations). Ava was Cruella Deville. Marielle was a dalmation. and Guns was a hotdog hahaha. My girl Ebz came out from the BX too. Always fun to chill with her.
Here are some flicks from that:


On Sunday, Ava had a birthday soiree at Scudder Beach. It was a lot of fun. Filled with good people, good food, wine, & fishing. Also got to see one of my favorite people in the world, Devin. That ginger boy is my heart! ❤


Tomorrow, Felt 3 drops. I believe this one is “A Tribute to Rosie Perez”, which is awesome. Love Rosie Perez. I’m glad another Felt album has dropped. Slug & Murs are a perfect duo. They sound great together.

Also, stay tuned because a few friends and myself are starting a theme band soon! cannot wait.

DJ Smiles Davis Volume 4

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what a dope mix this is:

download here

you're welcome

Where Brooklyn At?

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i miss brooklyn.

I’ve always been enamored by this house, “Broken Angel”, in Clinton Hill.
How sick is it, really?

i wanna go inside.
i wanna live there.

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Photo of the Day

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How dope is this?

Hellz Bellz Holiday 09

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“Cult Classics”

This line is inspired by the classic movie, “Heathers”.
Love that film.
Love these pieces.
Love Hellz Bellz.

love love love
every single piece.

Dope Lips

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Teyana Taylor’s new line of lip products.


should drop some time in 2010.

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Sharebear: Xiu Xiu

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“Crank Heart” -Xiu Xiu (one of my favorite songs ever!)

“Xiu Xiu (pronounced “shew shew”) is an experimental band originally from San Jose, California and currently based in Oakland, California. The band is named after the main character of the 1998 Chinese film Tian yu (a.k.a. Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl).”
-via last.fm

I highly suggest getting into all of their music. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who it is for, it will blow your mind!

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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Spring 2010

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Wow, this is absolutely amazing!
I love everything about this collection.

The theme is Pirate!
How could you not love that?

My favorite is the Donald Duck dress.