J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

where’s the african guy? bring me the african guy!

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“Motherfucking cock sucker motherfucking shit fucker, what am I doing? What am I doing? I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m doing the best that I can. I know that’s all I can ask of myself. Is that good enough? Is my work doing any good? Is anyone paying attention? Is it hopeless to try and change things? The african guy is a sign, right? Because if he isn’t, than nothing in this world makes any sense to me. I’m fucked. Maybe I should just quit. Don’t quit! Maybe I should just fucking quit. Don’t fucking quit! I’m fucked. I don’t know what the fuck to fucking do anymore. Fucker. Fuck, shit!”

-Albert Markovski
(Jason Schwartzman in I ❤ Huckabees)

I highly suggest seeing this movie, if you haven't already. It has a great message. I'm mega into existentialism, and that's what this movie is all about. If you don't get existentialism, you probably won't get much of this movie. It is very humorous though, regardless. Peep peep!

Rihanna VS. Zorg bahahahha

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this is hilarious.
Rihanna versus Gary Oldman as Zorg in The 5th Element

love me some Gary Oldman.
We all know Rihanna is a babe, but personally, I think she has such a boring voice.

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Touch me!

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Ugh, Rafe Spall. This dude is capital B, Banging! I adore him. He can SO get it. Plus, he has an english accent, which automatically gives you 48957489328 cool points. I need to go visit my cousin in London (she’s currently attending Oxford… lucky ass broad), and stalk the shit out of him. Or I at least need to date his identical twin. Peep him in Hot Fuzz, Green Street Hooligans, and he has a bit part in Shaun of the Dead (he was a little fatty in that one, but i still love him). He’s definitely one of the few people who would make me star-struck. he’s a fine man. yum.

(mm lookin all dapper)

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want to cry?

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last night, for some reason, i decided to watch one of the saddest movies ever. “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. It’s about a boy who is the son of a nazi soldier who is in charge of a concentration camp, which is located behind their home. The boy is exploring and finds himself in front of the barbed wire fence that separates his land from the camp. Another jewish boy is there, doing some work, and they develop a friendship. I won’t spoil anything else, but i was sobbing when it was over. other than being ridiculously depressing, it was an amazing movie.

watch the trailer… although it really gives nothing away.

best video ever

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“Human Behavior” – Bjork

I’m so in love with her and all of her work.
she’s the cutest and has the sweetest voice.
If you didn’t see her in the movie “Dancer in the Dark”, see it immediately. but have the tissue box ready.

Where The Wild Things Are

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CANNOT wait for this movie. My favorite book as a child and I expect this movie to be phenomenal!

how wonderful does this look?

Hellz Bellz: Kicks After Six

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The days of summer might be drawing to a close, yet the evening hours relent. Hence, the perfect time for LA based contemporary fashion brand Hellz to introduce their “Kicks After Six” capsule delivery. A concise yet bold collection, this limited 6 piece line extends Hellz’ ongoing graphic themes incorporating the idea of empowered defiant women that exude nothing but vicious confidence.

Hellz Creative Director, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena expounds, “Inspiration for the graphics were drawn from familiar faces of fashion icons and iconic fashion brands who celebrate them.”

Directed by: Stuart Mar & Grant Wenzlau
Produced by: Epiphany Media, LLC

Alice in Wonderland/Tim Burton

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Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorites, since I was a youngin’. Every single version that I’ve seen, I fell in love with. Tim Burton is remaking it, and I am beyond stoked for this. Here are some pictures from it. They are stunning:


via Sheena She @ chainsawsandjelly.com