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Atmosphere show and pictures & random shit.

Posted in Atmosphere, flickr, music, pics, video, youtube by Jessica on August 1, 2009

So, I briefly wrote about seeing Atmosphere the other day, but I finally got around to uploading pictures and videos.

It was a crazy show, needless to say, but so fun.
not really into seeing Atmosphere with such a huge fan base now, but hey, it happens. Even the Crazy Donkey show wasn’t this bad.

Here are some pictures:

Slug, killing it.


a bunch of us

oh you know, just talking shit to my friend sean, ha

more pics here:
Flickr: Atmosphere flicks

here is a video of some adorable teenager, spitting some freestyle to slug ha.

me and natasha make a cameo, not too thrilled about the scantily clad groupies hanging around ha.

ps, random.
i really want a pet snake!


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