J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

Rihanna VS. Zorg bahahahha

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this is hilarious.
Rihanna versus Gary Oldman as Zorg in The 5th Element

love me some Gary Oldman.
We all know Rihanna is a babe, but personally, I think she has such a boring voice.

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The Lipstick Diaries posted this on their blog, but it wasn’t a hit for them.
I’m sorry ladies, but I have to disagree. I adore this and i would so rock it. but then again, i rock a lot of things that people think are ugly. ha.

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DJ Smiles Davis Volume 4

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what a dope mix this is:

download here

you're welcome

Dope Lips

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Teyana Taylor’s new line of lip products.


should drop some time in 2010.

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Nars 15th Anniversary

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all wearing Nars products.
love ❤

Get Your Money Up, or don’t, either way…

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The Steve Madden Seryna versus the Alexander McQueen Pelle Booties

the difference is the AMs are $2,000, The SMs are $130.
oh how i wish i was rolling in dough.

The Lipstick Diaries found an even cheaper (and in my opinion, cuter) version.

The zipper trim fold-over bootie.

Can’t I have all 3?
I need to step my heel game up (no pun intended).

Yay or Nay?: Jean Paul Gaultier x Dr. Marten

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These bad boys are part of Doc Marten’s fall/winter collection. Not so sure how i Feel about these, though I love both Doc & Gaultier.
For one, it seems you can’t really wear socks with these, and I totally do not back wearing boots, sneakers, etc without socks. It’s both uncomfortable and I find that whenever i’m around someone who takes their shoes off sans socks, the odor is not so great.
What do you think?

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Nails Did x Super Mario Brothers

How effing cool is this?

I don’t get my nails done anymore, and probably won’t again because it’s too much of a hassle, but this is just amazing.

These nails make me all nostalgic and i literally want to find my nes and play some mario.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas

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Fall 09 collection: