J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

current loves

Two-Toned hair (via The Lipstick Diaries)

Jeffrey Campbell boots

Yuksek!!!! (peep his music)

Apollonia Kotero’s wardrobe in Purple Rain

Yellow Tail Wine


Tacky vintage sweaters (preferably 80s)

Olivia Thirlby

Rodarte for Target

Japanese Street Fashion!

Rihanna VS. Zorg bahahahha

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this is hilarious.
Rihanna versus Gary Oldman as Zorg in The 5th Element

love me some Gary Oldman.
We all know Rihanna is a babe, but personally, I think she has such a boring voice.

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So, I really despise wearing watches. I just think they’re obnoxious and get in the way, but I pretty much need this:

I wish it was in purple though.

Available at Extra Butter!

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The Lipstick Diaries posted this on their blog, but it wasn’t a hit for them.
I’m sorry ladies, but I have to disagree. I adore this and i would so rock it. but then again, i rock a lot of things that people think are ugly. ha.

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Where Brooklyn At?

Posted in art, beauty, Brooklyn, dope, Inspiration, love, Ugly/Lovely, wantwantwant by Jessica on November 9, 2009

i miss brooklyn.

I’ve always been enamored by this house, “Broken Angel”, in Clinton Hill.
How sick is it, really?

i wanna go inside.
i wanna live there.

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Photo of the Day

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How dope is this?

Ugly But Lovely

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This is so ugly.

By Nikita

but I want it!
so buy it for me (or yourself) @ karmaloop.com

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