J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

Sharebear: Sweatheart

“Philadelphia-based filth-rock collective Sweatheart specializes in raunchy club/pop with titles like “Fingerbangin'” and “Dreambeaver.” Formed by visual artists Thom Lessner and Rose Luardo in 2005, Sweatheart’s debut album, So Cherri, was released on Tone Arm Records in the summer of 2006. The band further included Amanda Blank by this time, along with their backing band “The Toddlers.” ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

I’ve loved this band for awhile now. They’re so great. Dress-up bands are great fun and me and some of my broads actually have a project lined up… but that’s a secret for now.
Sweatheart has fun, dancey, vulgar songs. “Finger bangin'” being my favorite. They’ve always got great costume themes too.
Especially love that my future ex-girlfriend, Amanda Blank (rapper/singer), is in this band. she’s so talented. When I saw her live, i was in love. prettiest lady ever, in my opinion.

Here be some flicks and videos.

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Sharebear/Birdie Dance

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“disco dance with you (remix)”- Teki Latex f/ Spank Rock & Amanda Blank

“Teki Latex, lead lothario of French electro-rap crew TTC and sonic proprietor of Institubes and Sound Pellegrino. Armed with a mission to “be innovative in this world of Elves dressed like The Strokes,” Teki tends towards ATL-gone-sci-fi, blending Ralph Lauren, Nikes, golf caps and edgier, textured embellishments—the odd Sixpack scarf or knitted socks from Henrik Vibskov. Our current favorite is a look he titles “Major Blazer,” a combo of cardinal blue deck shoes and tailored Lauren blazer flossed with a black silk Roc Star square as a shawl. It’s not stuffy prep so much as “classy in the club,” perfect for transitioning from daytime on Harvard yard to a nighttime rave on a boat.”

-via Fader

This song totally makes me want to dance my ass off. Even now, although I’m a sick puppy complete with swollen eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose, pounding headache, and a fever, to top it off.
But this brightens up my day.
And of course it helps that Spank & Amanda are in this remix.

Amanda Blank: I Love You

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“You may remember Amanda Blank from Bangers and Cash’s “Loose” video, where she sat on a toilet slinging expletives at naked girls. This Philly rapper’s got a mouth your mother could love — if your mom was Lil’ Kim. “Tryin’-a get up in my pussy and smash … I’m Beyoncé, independent woman, handle that!” she brags on “Let Me Get Some,” a booming highlight on her debut. Other tracks run tamer: blank machine-gun one-liners about makeup and true love over New Wave club beats by Diplo and Switch. But on an album where she’s surrounded by dudes (including her pal Spank Rock), she makes being ladylike sound hardcore. “I can’t be the man you need me to,” she admits. Thank God for that.”
-via Rolling Stone

I absolutely adore this broad. She’s fine as hell and raps, sings, dances, she does it all! her style is out of control. check out her band Sweatheart, as well. You can find them on myspace, but i don’t mess with that anymore.

Here’s a video i took at her show, a month or two ago:

ugh, she’s so bangin.
grab her new album, immediately.