J-Birdie: I rock the lamp shade

Weekend of Debauchery!

This past weekend was AMAZETITS and it took me all of monday and half of today to recover.

Friday was a party at Joe’s house which included me doing a kegstand for the first time since high school. bad idea. i got scared, started flailing my legs and was dropped so hard onto my back. consequently, i have bruises all over.
here are some flicks:

before the chaos

me, joe and kristy



the dreaded keg stand of death

fun night.

kept it low key on saturday.

sunday, me and carissa took the train in to the city and then headed to bk for a pool party show. saw some friendly faces, drank lots of beer, and sweat to death to gravy train, prince paul dj sets, and del the funky homosapien!!!
such a great weeekend!


me and carissa. i love this one

me and davey dollop

rms, joe, and i


and here’s a video during “hella nervous” from gravy train!

next weekend!
lights out! and Girl Talk!!!!!!

birdie dance

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What I’m currently dancing to:

“Tenderoni”- Chromeo

so good.
get into it.
this joint makes me happy.

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