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Sharebear: Sweatheart

“Philadelphia-based filth-rock collective Sweatheart specializes in raunchy club/pop with titles like “Fingerbangin'” and “Dreambeaver.” Formed by visual artists Thom Lessner and Rose Luardo in 2005, Sweatheart’s debut album, So Cherri, was released on Tone Arm Records in the summer of 2006. The band further included Amanda Blank by this time, along with their backing band “The Toddlers.” ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

I’ve loved this band for awhile now. They’re so great. Dress-up bands are great fun and me and some of my broads actually have a project lined up… but that’s a secret for now.
Sweatheart has fun, dancey, vulgar songs. “Finger bangin'” being my favorite. They’ve always got great costume themes too.
Especially love that my future ex-girlfriend, Amanda Blank (rapper/singer), is in this band. she’s so talented. When I saw her live, i was in love. prettiest lady ever, in my opinion.

Here be some flicks and videos.

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